Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

7 am - 6 pm

You may not drop off your children prior to 7 am.  If Kanawha County Schools are closed because of severe weather, we will open at 7:30 am.

An automated call will be sent to the primary phone number listed for your child.

Please be sure this number is up-to-date.


Our Center is closed the following holidays:

• Labor Day
• Good Friday
• Independence Day
• Thanksgiving
   (Thursday and Friday)
• Memorial Day
• Christmas Eve
• Christmas Day
• New Year's Day

For Parents

At Gateway Christian Education Center, we work hard to provide a safe, supportive environment for your child at all times. We work with our parents to ensure all of our children's needs are met. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you to nurture your child through their very important developmental years.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you.


All children must arrive at the Center by 10:00 am. After 10:00 am, all sign-ins must be done in the Administrative Office. This arrival time is crucial because of our daily schedule. Every parent should have an approximate schedule of hours childcare is needed weekly on file in the office. Please contact us if your schedule changes for any reason, either temporarily or long-term.

  • Upon arrival, all children are to be brought to the classroom by an adult.
  • State law requires that all children attending a daycare center must be signed in and out daily with a signature that can be read.  Person signing child(ren) in or out must sign their first and last name.
  • Infant’s parents must complete a daily schedule at registration.
  • Medication form must be completed for medications to be administered.
  • If someone other than the parent/guardian or contact person is will be picking up or visiting your child(ren), this person must be listed on the child’s emergency card on file.   In order to provide for the safety of your child(ren), the said person(s) must provide the center with photo identification.
  • Your child(ren) will not be released or allowed to have a visit with anyone not listed on your emergency contact list unless the parent/guardian provides the center with written permission.  An exception to this is Child Protective Services or Department of Health and Human Resources.
  • Children rest between 12:30pm – 2:30 pm.  This time SHOULD be avoided for dropping off or picking up children.


State licensing requires that we have two emergency contact persons.  Contact persons must have transportation and be able to pick your child up in case of an emergency or if you cannot be reached for illness or late pickup. A picture identification will be required of any person who picks up your child(ren) in the absence of you or your designated contact person.  Your child(ren) WILL NOT be released to anyone without proper written authorization from you (the parents/guardians).

We realize that emergencies do arise from time to time; so please provide us with as many names and phone numbers as possible.

Please remember that children become anxious when other children are picked up and they are left waiting for your arrival.           

Late Pick-Up

The center closes promptly at 6:00 pm. We ask that parents arrive in time to exit the building by 6:00.  A late fee of $10 is due at pickup if you are late by 10 minutes or less. A late fee of $20 is due if you are more than 10 minutes late. Fees are due at pick up! Three late pick-ups in a 3 month period will result in termination of service for the child(ren).


Gateway Christian Education Center has an open-door policy.  Parents/guardians and persons designated by the parent/guardian are welcome to come to the center at any time. 

Parents and Grandparents are encouraged to volunteer on special occasions, daily projects and fundraisers.  We also appreciate parents sharing toys, costumes and ideas with our center and children.  We are constantly looking for ways to share information about cultural differences, traditions and customs through native dress, foods, or other interesting means for our children.

If you have special celebrations, holidays or other interesting customs, please speak with the teacher or director so that we can incorporate it into the curriculum.

If you have other ideas that would enhance our program, we welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please feel free to speak to any of the teachers or the director at any time.


Rest Time

Each day, our children under the age of five years old have a rest time between 12:30 and 2:30 pm. We ask that you avoid visiting, picking up or dropping off during this time to minimize disruptions. Please make arrangements with our director for special situations.

If your child has rested for an hour and has not gone to sleep, our staff will provide them with quiet activities while others sleep. State licensing requires that all children have a minimum of one hour rest time.

Your child will need age-appropriate bedding items for quiet time.  Be sure to label all items with your child's name. Please do not use initials, to eliminate the chance of confusion.


For full details about Gateway Christian Education Center's Policies and Procedures, refer to the Handbook.

View Handbook